The right name

– it is crucial to book an appropriate domain name.

The need for the right, interesting, domain name can not be emphasized enough. However the sad thing is that it is very tough to get the name you want. Most of the popular names are already taken by someone.

Process of finding the name:

All the dictionary words are booked long back. When you start searching for names you find out that most of the domain names you like are already gone. You are really lucky if you get the one domain name you wished to get.

At the registrar like nsi, you have the option to try multiple name searches at the same time. If your site is about a place you have to register the place name. If it is about a subject you have to find the subjects name or at least something close to it. If you your site is about a business, you have to use the business name to register but still keep it concise.

Always, .com domain names are the most favored. One can choose .net or .org or other domain extensions like the following.

What are the extensions you can chose when you register?

Generic Top level Top Level Domains (TLDs)

.aero – for the air transport industry
.biz – for businesses
.com – for commercial organizations
.coop – for cooperatives
.edu – for educational establishments (primarily used by institutions in the US)
.gov – for agencies of the United States government
.info – for information (unrestricted use)
.int – for international organizations established by treaty
.mil – for the U.S. military
.museum – for museums
.name – for individuals
.net – for network infrastructures
.org – for organizations not clearly falling within the other gTLDs
.pro – for professionals

There are also country specific domain names which are meant to be used by each country.

A perfect domain name:

It is best to keep the domain name length short to fix the name on the visitors mind more easily. However all simple names are long chosen and you will have to do a lot of circus to arrive at a good and appropriate yet short name.

It is also best to avoid hyphens, suffixes and prefixes. However all depends up on the availability of the domain name. Hence the first thing to do is definitely search, search and search..

Infringing trademark:

Also, another important consideration is to see whether you are infringing on any trademark. Domain name dispute can be won by organizations who may have a better claim to the name if it comes to that. Hence do a little research on the web to find out whether you are choosing a domain name which may be disputed. Companies are highly protective of their domain names as it has become as important as the trademark itself.

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