Transferring domains

– this is fairly easy process and makes sense for consolidating domain names you own.

Sometimes you might want to transfer your domain name from one domain registrar to the other. Most domain registrars allow such transfer.

The transfer Process:

When you request for such a transfer, your domain registrar must not raise any objections to it. You could probably ask them about this in the beginning itself.

Transfer process initiation begins with an e-mail to administrative e-mail id of the domain and an approval from that id. This request will be initiated by the registrar to whom you placed a transfer request (to whom you are moving to) Once the approval has been given by the administrative contact and the old registrar agrees with the transfer, transfer can take place to the new registrar you wish to move to.

Transfer may not be possible immediately after the registration for about one month or so.

Do Locking to block domain thieves.

We have described in administering domain names about the importance of locking. If you haven’t taken enough care during domain registration and during maintenance, you may be subjected to domain theft.

However when you have initiated a transfer yourself, remember first to unlock the domain from the control panel or else the transfer will not proceed as required.

How long does it take:

Transferring from another registrar typically takes up to few weeks from when you’ve submitted your request. First the registrar sends an e-mail message to the Administrative Contact listed in the current WHOIS record, requesting authorization for the transfer.

The Administrative Contact of the domain name is given some time to respond to the e-mail message. Once the Administrative Contact authorizes, it takes 5 to 7 days to process the request. If the Administrative Contact doesn’t authorize the request or doesn’t respond within the allotted time, the transfer request is cancelled.

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