Bandwidth & Disk space

These are the most important two factors that determine the cost of a particular web hosting scheme.

Disk Space & web hosting.

MBs to GBs and then to TBs disk capacities are increasing in volume and the cost of the storage space is plunging all the time. For web hosting few 100 html pages you don’t need GBs and TBs. Hence do not be overly concerned about the disk space during the selection of a web hosting company. Most of the web hosts are now offering a lot of disk capacity on all schemes. Make sure what they are offering will be sufficient for you; it will be most likely. For example 100 MB space can easily host thousands of your pages and hundreds of pictures. What is being offered by many web hosting companies now exceed 1000MB (1GB) and such capacities come cheap.

Bandwidth in web hosting.

Also, about the bandwidth, if you don’t host MP3 downloads and Video downloads, you are not going to be faced with a lot of bandwidth need even if your site is being frequented by 1000s of visitors a day.

Bandwidth offered varies widely and most good hosts give you an indication of the bandwidth usage in their control panel that will be provided to you. Hence consulting this statistic once in a while would be sufficient. 10 to 15 GB bandwidth for a month may be sufficient for a site which receives about 1000 visitors a day. this is an estimation, please do not take it literally.

Unlimited bandwidth

There are many web hosting facilities which provide unlimited bandwidth. Such a hosting provides good protection against exceeding bandwidth situations. We believe they might have a condition where you exceed the capacity to such an extent that their servers get to breaking point, they might ask you to stay away or pay more. That is but an extraordinary circumstance.

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