Main factors that influence cost

Only when you visit few web hosts you will get idea of the options, features available, etc.. There are plenty of schemes each offering many different prices and variety of options. Hence only a through evaluation can land you in your decision.

Here we layout only the major factors that control cost of your web hosting scheme.

  • Amount of disk space – Although disk space is plenty now, this remains one of the most important aspect that influence the price of a web hosting scheme.
  • Bandwidth allowed – Bandwidth is a tricky criteria and it has major weight in deciding the price. Hence make sure you evaluate carefully what is being offered. Look for unlimited bandwidth.
  • Operating system – Linux, Windows, Unix; there are many offered here. Although windows is matching in price nowadays, Linux, Unix will be most likely cheaper.
  • Number of e-mail accounts required – Verify how many mail accounts are offered.
    bullet Database support needs – What platform you are using and what database you want to use has a bearing on the cost of web hosting.
  • Security option if it is an e-commerce hosting. – Here comes SSL. However it only concerns e-commerce users.

Although there are numerous factors that determine cost of a particular hosting scheme you may chose, above mentioned factors remain the most important ones. Once you come to a decision on these major factors, you can be at ease as other factors do not affect cost of your web hosting very significantly.

One important consideration you have to make while deciding your web host is, which operating system to chose? Windows give you the ASP & based programming flexibility and Unix / Linux goes the PHP and other similar technologies way.

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