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You always need inputs when you are trying to decide on whom to web host your dream site. Making a decision is not very simple because sometimes a web site may be directly responsible for your livelihood.

Even if it is not, web sites are considered very important these days and you don’t want to go with some unreliable web hosting company.

Make your own decision when choosing a provider.

However we would like to advise you to trust only your intuitions about a web hosting facility and your decision must be based on the evaluation you have done yourself.

Use these tools, sites to evaluate a web host.

Use the tools mentioned in this topic only to gather your parameters for evaluation because we have had experience where even after thorough evaluation we faced problems with the web host.

Web hosting review sites can be beneficial for your evaluation. At least you can get a good level of data from these sites. The best among these review sites are listed here in this page along with other aspects of hosting review sites.

Astonishing number of web hosting review sites!

On the Internet if you try to search using key phrase “web hosting review” you will be confronted with thousands of review sites alone. Every other site is a review site. Hence we have listed a few we found making better sense and found to have established popularity.

Common features of all web hosting review sites.

They provide a database for visitors to search for web hosts on the basis of various parameters like disk space, transfer rate etc..

  • They are both meant for clients as well as hosting companies.
  • Hosting companies use them to list them and to advertise in them. Hosting clients use them to find the web hosts and to review them.
  • Their trustworthiness is always in question as they stand for both web hosting clients and providers.
  • For a person new to web hosting, they must have some place to start their review.
  • The web hosting review sites we discuss here are a good place to start your web hosting review.

In the fast-paced, ever-changing business of web hosting, it is tough to keep pace with the latest developments in the industry. The following sites will be of much use to you in deciding your dream web host.

Bewildering array of web hosting review sites.

  • – Tophosts is a long time striving web hosting review site. They are popular and trusted by potential clients. They publish news, features, articles and analyze web hosting facilities in detail.
  • – Whir is ‘Web Host Industry Review’ and has been publishing analysis of the web hosting companies. They are also a magazine that come in printed format.
  • – They are established since 1997. They maintain a database and provide the review information to those who are doing a search on their site. They claims to have introduced the idea of searching for a web host by ‘price’ and ‘disk space’. This has now become the standard for searching for a web host.
  • – They maintain a database of web hosting companies so that the visitors can perform search against their database on the basis of various parameters. This is the same model being followed by most of the review sites we have consulted.
  • – As their title says, you find them to find a web hosting facility. They provide a database for the visitors to search. Findahost provides its users a “one click” search of reliable and timely information for locating and comparing web hosting companies, dedicated server plans and co-location providers, isp and asp providers, website developers, tech jobs, cgi and java scripts, and a variety of business and desktop related downloads.
  • – They are established in the year 2002. They have a web hosting rating system where they allow customers to share their experience with web hosting companies. This helps other potential clients to find out offhand what other customers are feeling about a particular host.

They also provide a search feature for web host seekers on the basis of price, features etc.. Customers can use their rating and reviews to find the reputation of a company which can be critical information for a potential client. – provides a searchable database just like many others to find the web host suitable for you from amongst 1300 web hosting plans. Search Web Hosts according to the features and price you want. Users can also read Web Host reviews submitted by other users.

Use Alexa to quickly find the popularity of the web host.

Alexa tool bar can be used while you are on the prospective web hosting company’s web site.

Alexa tool bar which is available for free download gets installed on the browser and will show you a rank index number as you browse through the sites. This can give you an idea of how popular the respective we hosting company’s web site is and by that make an understanding of how popular the web host itself could be.

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