Content is king

There are lots of sites with little or no meaningful content. Search engines are looking for content. If your site does not contain good content on the subject under search, there is no way you can make it to the search engine results.

The site which has better or good content in the subject area of search will get to the top. Hence create genuine pages with good content in the subject area. Use the search term and view the site which is at the top. Try to make out how that site has reached the top for the particular search term.

Search engine spider moves through the content of the page and some engines like Google are supposed to be creating a snippet description. This description for your site can be seen by doing a search and finding the description. Compare the description with the page and find out from where in the page, description has been pulled.

Write articles if you have less content.

This is one method for improving the content. Get good articles published in the subject area so that good content comes to your site. You can either contract good writers to do this or an expert in the field.

Another method is to do it yourself. Writing is a great pastime. “Of all those arts in which the wise excel, Nature’s chief masterpiece is writing well”. – Duke of Buckinghamshire Sheffield. Such is what a great man said about writing.

Hence you achieve two things by doing this. On one hand it makes your site better. On the other hand you enjoy great satisfaction.

Importance of new content.

This is a matter to consider once the site is built and made operational. A frequently updated site is visitor friendly and search engine friendly. Make sure your content is not stale. This may be applicable not only for portal sites but also for e-commerce site. Where the content can be assumed stale if no new products gets added.

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