Do you need SEO help?

Everyone wants to go to the top but remember others also want to go there. If a certain site reaches the top for a certain keyword, there is a reason. It is not by accident that they are there. We are sure you can also reach there. You can do it yourself without the help of anyone.

Why Nike not on the top for shoe:

Nike is a great shoe company but when you search for shoe in google, nike doesn’t come first. They don’t even come in the first ten. Their rank is 12 (currently). Search engines don’t understand nike or adidas. Their robots (programs that automatically search the site and index it) come and score the site. They index all content. Nike gets a rank. May be good may be not so good. There is a reason nike is not on the top.

Let us list our reasons why a certain site is not on the top of the engine listing.

Do you need an SEO (Search engine optimization)company?

SEO companies who specialize in search engine optimization can charge you huge sum but still not be of much help at all.

We believe you need to understand the aspects carefully before approaching an SEO firm. A content rich site, a well structured site, a well navigated site should be first made keeping the keywords in mind before giving it to the SEO to work upon it. In most cases it is a “do it yourself” job and the central role is of the content in the site.

As far as search engines are concerned, content is key.

Besides rich, compelling, and well meaning content, you have to take care of other aspects like titling, meta tags, first paragraph of the page, general keyword optimization, etc to earn good ranks.

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