Link building

Quantity and quality of inbound links has been one major factor in receiving good ranks for websites for a long time now since Google made it a very important factor for ranking websites with their page rank algorithm.

Today most major search engines value inbound links very highly. However, quality is just as important a factor as the quantity incase of inbound links. If the site linking to you is a major, popular one, you receive more points than you would receive if the link had been from a small or not so popular site.

Now, let us discuss about the problem. As we have said in the introduction to this page, good links, quality links, they are great. Perfect! But the trouble rise when you have partnered with a site which provides links with the sole purpose of improving your search engine position. What that mans is that there are sites hosted and in operation exclusively functioning as link farms.

Such sites which are in the business of link building have been monitored and earmarked for execution and exclusion by search engines. If you happened to link to them, you might get the axe too.

If you have taken part in such schemes, you can get caught in between and get punished too so it is wise to exit fast. Hence do not take part in any link building program in order to raise the degree of your search engine rank.

Our advice to you in this regard is to create a good site with good content dutifully keeping the visitor in mind and in the first place and search engines secondly. However always employ only the right, accepted search engine optimization methods.

Then, if you are site is good, if your pages are valuable, people will come to you naturally and other good sites will link to you. This in turn will raise your rank automatically on search engines. There is no need to take part in any link building program and get killed by search engines.

There is no doubt that inbound links are immensely important. That does not mean you take part in a link building program and get penalized by search engines. Instead as we have already said, create a genuine site and wait to get linked due to the quality of your content.

You can of course do several things that are acceptable to search engines for link building like soliciting links from good, popular sites on the basis of an exchange of links. Please do not think that we are implying all sorts of link building methods to be wrong.

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