Title tags

Title tags do you no harm but lot of people ignores it. Think of a web pages title like a books title. If someone tells a librarian a word inside a book can he find a book? He needs to know the title.

Same way, a web page title is very critical for the search engines to understand the page is all about. Title tag is the first thing search engine spiders see. For those who don’t know what the title tag is, understand that title tag is the fist thing that comes up on the very top of the page when the page loads.

Understand that using the same word more than once in the title tag may be considered trying to improve ranking unfairly. Hence please take care of this.

Give very page a proper title.

Many sites can be seen on the net which has a title calling it “new page one” or “new page two” does it make any sense? Instead if it was page about pigeons, it needs to be titled such.

While giving title tags, using a method like the following would perform well.

Site name > main topic > sub topic > page title. will be a good method.

In MS FrontPage title tag is altered from the page properties dialogue box.

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