Visitor Created Content – Involving your visitor in your content building

Visitor Created Content – Involving your visitor in your content building

Another very important thing a return visitor can do is that, they are going to develop content for you through your content collecting mechanisms such as,

Visitor crated content ideas;

  • Business directories.
  • A live discussion forum.
  • Blogs – organisations can use it too.
  • Guest books – this is an old idea but they remain relevant.
  • Reader reviews on products ( is example)

Content is truly king.

However it is a fact that creating good quality content takes time, intelligence, devotion, good writing skills, knowledge of subject in question etc.. All sites can not hope to do a lot of content building due to these limiting factors.

Mutually Beneficial.

Visitors will enjoy providing the kind of content you are seeking from them as they are entertained by your web forums and benefited by business directory kind of content which helps them build their company profile on the net. Another reason they would love to provide their piece of content is that they see a venue to express their views.

There is no doubt that content is king on the web. Everything revolves around content; not just content, fine content. Search engines are supposed to be looking into spellings, and grammar. That means they are looking more and more into the quality of the content.

Uniqueness of content.

Your visitors provide variety in perception. Web is full of content there is no lack of it. What is lacking is quality content. Do a search for a term and often the results are in millions. Web users are looking for unique, simple, well written, accurate content. There is always a place for such content.

They are also looking for content created with a difference in perception. This is where visitors input help immensely. Whatever content you or your permanent content builders develop, it can not offer the variety that a number of web visitors can offer. Hence look into this possibility seriously.

Quotable Quotes:

“Advice tells you much about the person giving it.”