Self Development – Fire Your Mind, Self Development, Dubai

Fire Your Mind, Self Development, Dubai
We are taking our services to Dubai and it is aimed largely at the ex pat community. We intend to run seminars in hotels in the evenings for a duration of 2hours. This is a revolutionary concept based on firm scientific and psychological findings.

When people leave our seminars they feel uplifted and revived. We teach people the mechanics of success: how the super achievers do it; its a system that cannot fail. Profits in business go through the roof.


The highlight of our service is that people’s lives change once they realise they are not using their mind. Its been neuro-scientifically proved that we only use 95% of our minds. Our work is based on a great deal of research and testimonials.

Established : 2000
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Contact : Linda Burke; Development Leaders.

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We are two barristers who have decided to help people realise their true potential.