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An Introduction to Speakers Inc :

Speakers Inc is a Professional Speakers Bureau, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Started eight years ago by Bronwyn Roberts, our mission is to help our clients find the best, most suitable speaker for their particular conference or event.

We represent South Africa’s most professional speakers and entertainers, and many international speakers based elsewhere in the Global Village.

We have high standards of ethics and integrity with a hard-won reputation for honesty and good business practice, and thus choose to work only with like-minded people, who also believe in and subscribe to our “Four Pillars” – Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Trust.

Why Use an Agency?

Much has changed on the Speaker Agent landscape of late… Google has come along and changed our lives – forever. It’s so easy to find whoever you’re looking for now, it’s a joke. “So why bother with an agency?” we hear people ask, more and more often.

Well, let’s think about it – how many times has some very smooth, clean-cut, silver-tongued “motivational speaker” sat opposite you and convinced you that he (or she!) is the absolute best speaker ON EARTH for your next conference or gala dinner, and no matter what your theme, he can tailor-make a talk just for you – even if it’s about Purple Mountain Goat Farming in Outer Mongolia! And you’ve believed him, after all, he’s a very good communicator and his brochure is fabulous … Why, it says there, right on the cover “The World’s Number 1 Speaker!!!!” – Why wouldn’t you believe him (or her!)??

And yet – on the day – he wasn’t quite as good as you believed he would be and his talk about Purple Mountain Goat Farming turned out to be not quite what you thought it would be …

That’s where a good agency comes in.

At Speakers Inc., we don’t represent just anybody, there’s a whole process we go through with the speaker before we’ll start marketing them, not least of which is seeing them actually present a talk (you’d be amazed by how many people market speakers they’ve never seen in action!).

We firmly believe that Rule No 1 of Professional Speaking is that you’ve got to be a Passionate Expert on Your Topic. Anybody who claims they can speak about “anything!!” makes us more than slightly nervous.

In this way we know who will be the best speaker for YOUR event. This – we strongly believe – is our value to you: our experience and intellectual capital. It’s our reputation on the line and we will not put somebody forward who will put that hard-earned reputation at risk, not to mention yours!

Established : 1999
Location: Dubai, UAE

Email: gareth(at)speakersinc.co.za
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Contact : Gareth Roberts, Owner

Profiled : January 23, 2007