Reasonable Computer Knowledge

If this is what we were going to call for, you may be wondering why this guide? However, this is often the single most important first step in dealing with the problem.
Even if you are proficient in PC Security issues it does not harm to keep learning and it often helps you in understanding the latest threats. The issue is, if you have no idea about what is happening in PC security it will be even more difficult to find the right solution.

Today there is no better educator than the Internet. Owning a computer and learning things the hard way may be best way. Otherwise a short course from a reputed center where you would be introduced to a little bit of computer security will be ideal.

The links on the right of this page will lead you to some fine sites with the latest information. Otherwise a simple google search often brings out the most relevant page.

A good method to learn about PCs is to own a PC. A simple google search will lead you to the respective pages whether it is to the supplier of a PC security product, a book with information or a page of tutorial.

Howstuffworks is another option where everything relating to PC security can be searched and what in fact takes place in the threat can be found. They produce multimedia presentations with full of graphics and additional information.

On the web, the places you could go include; ( free encyclopedia ) (Lot of technical documentation for your OS) ( Virus definitions and security related information) – Learning terms )