Important Note:

  • Please do not assume It is a ‘One Threat’, ‘One Response’ case; unlike how this guide is presented.
  • Often it is necessary to use two or more responses in concert to defend against any one threat.
  • Hence you must consider all responses critically important and implement them together.
  • Approach of One Threat, One Response has been used only for an easy presentation and better navigation.As we said in the main page, there is no panacea here. Only constant watch! and may be some education. If you are looking for a quick fix and wanting to know the most basic of steps for a windows based PC, it can be termed as 1. Installing WIndows Updates. 2. Installing and updating Antivirus. 3. Installing Firewall (Windows XP has it in built.) 4. If you suspect more troubles, use lavasoft Adware program to look and remedy spywares and adwares. However since all these threats have a dynamic nature. Hence you must keep updating your knowledge and must keep a watch on web sites which are relevant. Response:
    • Reasonable Computer Knowledge
    • Opearating System Updates
    • Antivirus
    • Firewall
    • Antispyware / Adware
    • Antispam
    • Antiphishing
    Symantec Security Check; Symantec check lets you check your PC for serious vulnerabilities over the web in real time.