Virus / Worm

Term Virus is known to all but the term worm can be unheard of. Viruses are programs created to attach itself onto other files to get its malicious code executed at the time of the execution of the file.
Different types of viruses are boot virus, master boot record virus, file infector virus and macro viruses.

How Virus destructs :

Virus infects a PC, resides in its files or other important system areas. It loads on to the RAM memory and in the memory it acts according to how it is programmed to act. This slows down your PC, damages files & folders, and some times the entire data store. So understand that the affects are very undesirable.

Worms do not need a host file to replicate. They do their damage with out the help of any other file. A worm can on its own, for example send worm code to all those who are listed in your e-mail address at one go. Making it a more fearsome malware than virus.

Worms can come into a machine however through a file or e-mail. worms also can tunnel onto your system and let other users take control of your computer. examples are Sasser worm and Msblaster worm.

What is Hoax:

At any time there are lot of hoaxes moving around which says certain thing is a virus and would cause harm. What you must do is, believe only what an updated antivirus program says or consult a hoax page from reputed antivirus firms which list all known hoaxes.

Solution : Antivirus Programs
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How to respond to this threat..
Always take all responses together to tackle any one threat. More on this..

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