Web Servers of the Internet – Internets second constituent

Does it strike? You must have heard of these guys someplace. However let us examine them in some detail. Don’t worry that it will go over your head. We will do our best to make you understand them.

On the Internet you must have visited web sites and viewed pages in Internet explorer or other browsers (browsers are programs used to view web pages).

What is this web site?

A web site runs a program called web server. They serve pages to you. They understand your commands from within your web browser like submitting a form to the site or doing a search to find pages from Google.

Let us take Google. When you visit google.com, you are actually making a connection to Googles web servers and when you enter a search term and push the search button, it is the web server of Google that gets the command first. Internally it may be talking to many other servers to serve you with your command however; googles web server is your first point of contact.

Understand that web server is a software sitting on reliable high capacity, fault tolerant servers on the Internet to serve you web pages.

Two web server softwares in common use are Apache and IIS.

Splitting the website address:

http://   www.   cnn   .com
Hypertext Trasfer protocol.
This is the primary method used to convey information on the world wide web
  World Wide Web is actually a service that operates over the Internet.
It is an information space in which resources, are identified by global identifiers called URL.
  This a subdomain of the .com domain.
In theory subdmain can go 127 levels deep such as abc.dnh.cnn.com. In this example abc is subdomain of dnh and dnh is subdomain of cnn
  Thi is called a top level domain.
Examples of other top level domain are .org, .net etc..


HTML is fundamental to what web pages are. Web pages are created in HTML format so that they can be viewable in a browser. When we talked about web servers we did not talk of HTML in fact what these servers serve are HTML pages. They can also store ASP, PHP and other type of files like picture files etc.. However their fundamental serving is of HTML files.

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