Your end of the Internet

As far as you are concerned, Internet is what you connect to using an ISP (Internet Service Provider). In that sense, Internet is you and the ISP.

Example for Internet service providers are AOL, VSNL, Satyam, HCL, Reliance etc… In the same sense, your Internet can be called as the web page you view, e-mail you receive or the files you download.

The Global Internet:

What we would discuss here is beyond you and the ISP. If we use an analogy, you and the ISP comprise just a small river on earth. While the actual Internet is whole of the oceans put together.

Internet is a network. Network is an Interconnection of PCs, Servers, network equipment like routers, switches etc…

Why network is built?

It is built so that;

  • PCs can communicate with each other & servers.
  • A central server can be used as a file repository.
  • A large printer can be used by all interconnected PCs etc…

Now the networks you have seen may be one at home comprising few PCs, a printer, an Internet gateway etc…, in your office you might have seen larger networks where there are many PCs, Printers, Servers, etc…

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