Job Interviews

Having reviewed your resume, the company that you are interested in has just notified you that you will be coming in for a job interview. As you feel this sense of elation and joy of getting passed this first roadblock, you may also feel a torturous knot in your stomach. The thought of a job interview creates this uneasy feeling for a lot of people. Although some nervous energy is profitable in order to keep you on your toes during the interview, too much of it is detrimental to your success.

Why is the Interview Important?

Your prospective employer will have already reviewed your resume – thus giving you the satisfaction that they are interested or liked what you look like on paper. The job interview is a means by which a company gets to know the individual better, analyze his/her analytical/problem-solving skills as well as to see if your personality would mesh well with the corporate culture of that enterprise. This is all done in a very short time span, usually a job interview lasts less than 30 minutes. This interview process is very important as it the vehicle by which you make an impression of yourself to the prospective employer. 

The ultimate goal is for the company to have a positive impression of you. As subjectively based as any evaluation system can be, there are still techniques and suggestions to improve the way you come across during a job interview. The main goal is to come across politely and sincerely, promoting yourself as someone who would be an asset to their company as well as fusing well with the existing order.

Here are some tips and suggestions on acing the job interview process. You want to come out of the interview having thought that you just gave them the best performance ever. We have divided this section into several components to aid you in making the interview process as positive an experience as ever. Our first section will help you in the preparation of the interview, so that you arrive on the day of the job interview ready for battle. Your presentation for the job interview is crucial and as such is the topic of our second section. How to act during the job interview is dealt with in the section “The Interview Itself”. We then provide you with sample interview questions to give you a mock example of what the job interview can be like so that you may prepare for it in a comprehensive fashion. Our last section pertains solely to students in their last year who are undergoing on campus-recruiting. We help you make sure you get that job interview!!