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So far when you search from within windows, you had to specify what you are searching for. Like picture, documents etc. Microsoft and other has been trying to to make search universal across different file types and simpler for a long time.

News has just come out as of this writing that Apple Mac has brought out a new operating system called tiger which has a spotlight search feature which tacked the above issue.

Google Desktop SearchThe issue of search:

Microsoft has a plan to do this in their future OS called longhorn which will be an update to the windows XP. Longhorn is expected to debut sometime in 2006. Although you can search within documents pictures etc from inside the current windows OS (operating system), for searching within the e-mail you have to open your e-mail program and start a search. Basically there is no one single place to do a quick and easy search, also it is tough to trace pictures and video stored on your PC.

What’s Desktop search?

Major net firms such as Google, yahoo and MSN meanwhile has brought out an interesting browser based search tool called desktop search. These tools resolve the above mentioned problems to an extent.

In Google, you essentially search from a Google web search interface and once Google indexes your PC, search can be for not only a file, it can be for an e-mail in outlook, a web page you browsed recently etc. All tools provide similar functionalities although their working and the way they are setup may differ slightly.


Yahoo Desktop Searach Beta.Tools can be downloaded from the net and installation is quick. Once the installation is complete, they start indexing your files, e–mails etc. When indexing is complete, search is fast and accurate.

There is concern of privacy here. Due to the indexing of all data by these programs. Normally it is possible to implement some from of passwords to the e-mail programs and we do not wish to have the data seen by all. they will have to come out with better option in terms of handling such concerns.

URLs for download:

Google Desktop Search | Yahoo Desktop Search | MSN Desktop Search


if you need a quick way to search all your files and e-mail in a fairly effective way these are great tools. In any case it is good to try out the latest development out there. Google’s interface allows you to chose from within web page whether you want to search your desktop or the Internet on the fly.

Which is best: In our opinion Google tool is the best among the lot.

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