PC Hardware comprises mainly of a main board, CPU (processor), RAM – Memory, Hard Disk, Power Supply unit.

CPU (Processor:
The Central processing unit or CPU is the part of the computer that performs most of the calculations that make programs or Operating Systems run. The CPU plugs directly into the motherboard. Most IBM PC compatible computers use an x86-compatible processor made by Intel, AMD, etc..

Pentium Processor..History of the PC is long; however IBM PC was the first one to take the PC to the main stream. 15 years back, Intel’s, 8088, 80286; then over the years Intel’s 386, 486; and in recent years Pentium 1, 2, 3; nowadays Pentium 4 all form the pat and contemporary story of the Intel PC processor. Currently 3.2 GHz and higher processor speeds are available from Intel.

Mother board:
PC Motherboard.This is the main printed circuit board which hosues the processor, chipset, BIOS, CMOS, parallel port, USB IO slots to expand the functionality and other components houses. Secondar daughter boards for various additional functions are sometimes installed on the Mother board.

The hardware capabilities of personal computers can usually be extended by the addition of Expansion cards. The standard expansion bays for personal computers are ISA, PCI and AGP. A PC may also be upgraded by the addition of extra drives (CD-ROM, Hard drive, etc). Standard storage device interfaces are ATA, Serial ATA or SCSI. When you choose your mother board, it may be helpful consult to our technology, buying guide..

RAM – Memory:
Random Access Memory or RAM is a type of computer storage whose contents can be accessed in any order. This contrast with the RAM – Memory.other type of memory which is sequential access memory devices such as tapes and discs.

It is usually implied that RAM can be both written to and read from, in contrast to Read-Only Memory or ROM. RAM is usually used for primary storage in computers to hold actively-used and actively-changing information, RAM is to be understood as the workbench of the PC.

When your PC boots, most of the major operating system areas required for PCs functioning is loaded onto the RAM form the hard disk and it stays on loaded until you reboot or shutdown. When you do a shutdown, contents of the RAM is lost unlike hard disk which is a permanent storage. 256MB, 512MB RAM are standard on today’s Intel Pentium PCs and they are known as DDR RAM.

Hard Disk:
Hard Disk..Most of you will be familiar with the hard disk and the failure of this disk you would dread. This is because hard disk is your permanent storage and all the data you have on your PC is normally housed on the hard disk. Hard disk is a mechanical device and it is the secondary storage of the PC.

Hard disk come in high capacities. Some years back 10MB was a high capacity and today disk storage has crossed GB capacities and are being discussed in TB (Terra bytes). Now the minimum is 40Gb hard disk as the need for storage is always rising. However 300GB and 400GB single drives are easily available today.

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