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This buying guide and tech discussion focuses mainly on Intel processor based PCs. Information technology is so dynamic and fast changing that by the time you have learned about some new technology, there is already a new version available or being built.

While you are investing money in something it must be worth it. There is nothing like waiting for newer technologies. If you do, you often wait endlessly as technology change frequently. Trick is to learn what is really latest at that point of time. That in itself is a task. However one must put all his energy so that the latest technology is understood and considered for buying.

Here we are attempting to bring you up-to-date. Again, as we said it is a tough call.

Some Introduction.


They are Internet available locations or where Internet is in the air. With the right wireless enabled laptop you could go to this area and get connected to the Internet. Sometimes for free. In some countries a whole city or township is being converted to a hotspot.

64 Bit computing:

People who have used such PCs say that they have enormous power. It’s true a 64-bit desktop computer won’t make your word processing program run faster. But a 64-bit chip has the power to dramatically improve the performance of your more demanding applications, such as audio and video encoding, complex engineering programs like CAD, and–of course–games. And in the long term, 64-bit computing will give programmers much more power to play with, and could revolutionize what desktop software can do.

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Bluetooth – The wireless technology for small distance.

Buying A Digital Camera – There is no life without this gadget these days.

DVD Writer – CD Writers are already becoming history.

PCI Express – This s is an upcoming PC technology. wathc for it in your PCs.

SATA for hard Disk – IDE is in the process of becoming history.

USB – Universal serail bus. Universal in its truye sense.

Wireless Network – Make sure that’s in your Laptop.

Hidef – 8 channel sound has come on PC main boards..