How router character gets its role on the Internet

Now let us bring in the situation where your office connects to the Internet or a remote branch office. In both instances, we have a situation where two independent networks should communicate (understand move data) across it. This is when our router character gets its role.

Internet’s main (backbone) network requires use high capacity routers.

Take the Internet, such needs for moving data is huge. Far beyond anything that is a small office network. Here you have millions of networks, millions of servers, and many millions of PCs. A phenomenal network! A network which comprises many large networks!

Hence we have very big capacity, very high speed routers moving huge amount of data across the network all the time. Understand that small routers also are used in smaller networks which connect to the Internet. Internets backbone routers are huge with lot of processor performance, memory capacity etc…

Any talk on router does not complete without mentioning Cisco. Internet worlds routers consist of routers from many companies amongst them Cisco is the principal company and their routers makeup bulk of Internets routers.

7600 series Cisco routers.

Hope you got an idea of our first component that builds our great Internet. Let us move on…

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