How to generate income from your blog

• Affiliate marketing
• Ad placement – Pay per click programs

If you were thinking if there was any potential of making money with your blog then your doubts were right, yes you can make money from your blog. There are blogs on the internet that crosses $100 on average per day in ad income alone, if you are able to successfully establish a reader base and maintain it, and increase the number of links pointing to your blog for your content quality and reader base you could also start earning a substantial income from your blog. So keep in mind at all stages that your reader is your most important guest and you do everything in your knowledge and power to keep them glued to you, the easiest way for achieving this is by making sure you give them the best of what they can get, – original content that really makes sense. provides you a comprehensive guide on this topic at

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting products or services given to you by persons or business involved in selling and the commission (affiliate income) is transferred to you by wire or to your bank, nowadays most of this transfer happens through paypal, all you need is a credit card number for registering yourself with paypal, once you are registered with paypal then you can set up affiliate accounts with most of the providers.

To start with you will need to find out relevant websites or promoters in the business of the topic that you are blogging about or general advertisers, for a inexhaustible list of affiliate marketers check out you can find thousands of affiliate ad links via banners or text links, through affiliate marketing you get paid for any purchase that has reached the vendor site via the link from your blog.

Ad placements

Text link ad providers like and provide you code for placing particular size ads on your website or blog through which you could display the ads provided by them and for any click on those ads you get paid that is pay-per-click, registering for Adsense with google is a breeze, to set up your own Adsense account, go to and follow the instructions, once you have set up your account, which is called an Adsense publisher account, you can place ads on your blog and start earning everyday.

Good luck and best wishes for your blogging future, this guide was brought to you by the free it education section available at, for more interesting guides keep us added to your favorites list.

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