Things to care

– Your domain name is a hot property. Hence care when you register your cyber address.

It is necessary to ensure that you have complete authority over the domain name you are buying. Here we describe the important information that you must carefully fill in during the domain name registration.

Legal owner: All registrars let you modify most of the information you provide to them using an easy control panel at a later stage. However they won’t let you change the most important information you provide. That’s the “Legal Owner” of the domain name. Changing the legal owner is not easy and should not be easy. When someone does that, every association you have with the domain name is gone.

Hence first decide on the right legal owner name. For this, consult with someone helping you to register the domain name if needed.

Administrative Contact: Also ensure that administrative contact is you because without having accorded that title to you, you might not even know if the administrative contact decides to transfer the domain to another registrar and gain control of managing the domain. Even if you were going to be able to get the authority back since you are the legal owner, it could be a difficult process.

There is no need for your tech guys to be administrative contact for your domain name. No professional company would do make it theirs. Idea of this writing is to make you understand the implications. There is also an option of technical contact available during the registration and this could be the tech company representative who is assisting you.

Money Back Guarantee & other info. Find out if the domain registrar has any money back guarantee or a cancellation period during when they will refund the money. It is possible that you might have second thoughts about the domain name you registered and might want to change the name.

Rest of the information that you provide to them can be normally changed easily through domain control panel at a later stage. Administrative contact also can be changed through panel however we wrote earlier to make you understand the importance of it.

Characters domain name can be: Characters domain names can include are alpha-numeric characters (0-9, A-Z) and hyphens. They can not begin with a hyphen. They are not case sensitive. A domain name can be up to 63 characters long, not including the 4 characters used for the .TLD (“.com”, “.net”, or “.org”).

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