Applications of hosting from home

With hosting from home, the possibilities are limited only by the speed of your connection and reliability and performance of your PC.

With hosting from home, you can share your computer with the entire world. Hosting web servers, FTP servers, email & Internet Games servers can be a breeze. Following are the major applications of hosting from home.

Share Your Files – Internet based file sharing can be very useful to access your files from elsewhere and to make it available to others. Hosting from home simplifies sharing MP3’s, images, and video files with friends, family, and co-workers.

Run an email Server – Running your own email server can offer you unprecedented flexibility when sending and receiving your email. You can maintain an individual email account for each member of your family, for your friends, or for each employee in your company, without purchasing more accounts from your ISP. E-mail hosting offers web based e-mail access.

Although now e-mail accounts are fairly cheap and often free with large mailbox size offering, it is fun to experience e-mail hosting yourself.

The prospect of running your own email Servers doesn’t have to seem so daunting anymore. Many modern email servers, like Mdaemon mail server, Visnetic mail server offer friendly user interfaces and well-written documentation that makes installation and maintenance more understandable, even without extensive technical knowledge.

Internet Games – Playing Internet games is a very popular pastime. Part of the reason for this is because Internet Games are so efficient at networking, even with slower Internet connections. Playing your favorite game is possible with almost any type of Internet connection. This can be another achievement and an interesting benefit to come by your decision to host the site at home.

Video Conferencing – With the growth of broadband technology, and rapid advances in hardware and software, Videoconferencing has quickly grown into a common communication method. Videoconferencing keeps separate offices in contact with one another and it lets you see, as well as hear, distant family members.

Remote Access – there are various ways you can take control of your PC remotely these days using the Internet. Remote access tools such as VNC in DNS2go DDNS service allow you “take control” of a computer in a remote location via the Internet. GotoMyPC is one of the popular programs for remote control and for accessing your PC. By establishing a hosting from home service, you could make use of these tools or use an in-built program offered by DDNS services.

This can be convenient for a number of reasons. For example, if you need to modify a setting on your home computer, sitting at your office, using a remote access tool is quicker, and much more efficient, than driving all the way home.

Windows XP offers inbuilt tools to access your PC for trouble shooting and for working on it remotely. Using remote control tools can be cumbersome for users who are not very familiar with PCs. However DDNS Services make it a snap.

Other Exciting Ideas – For example, when you are having a name for your PC on the Internet, one another exciting application could be Voice over IP (VOIP) or today’s Internet based phone. You can call your PC using abundant utilities and by using the name of your PC.

Very soon we can expect DDNS providers to pack this feature as part of their program. That will rock the DDNS idea and put it to more widespread use.

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