Hosting from Home

The reason this can’t be done is due to the changing nature of the IP address your Internet service provider provides you. Web hosting demands that you register with a domain registrar and then host your site with a hosting company.
Through the registrar, through the hosting company’s name servers, a visitor finds the path to your web site. This is primarily possible because your address on the Internet is static and connected to a name permanently.

Although you can make an attempt to host the site at home and run a web server by keeping it connected to the Internet, you can’t provide stability to your presence due to the changing nature of your IP address.

Foundation of hosting from home is DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service). Examples for such services are services like DNS2GO and TZO.

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DDNS services help you overcome the changing IP address problem which prevents hosting from your home impossible; they do this by providing a program which is installed on your PC and talks to the DDNS service provider at all times.

They fundamentally provide you a program, register you on their servers and connect your intended domain name to their program sitting on your PC, so that when this configuration & deployment of software is complete, they have a method to overcome the changing nature of your IP address.

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