Keeping the PC secure

This is an important imperative when you take on the role of a web host. You do not want a kid to bring your web / ftp or another service run on your home PC brought down through simple Internet based attacks.

We have a detailed PC security guide in the “Your PC” section.

However to sum it up quickly,

Take care of operating system updates as soon as they appear. For this purpose, keep the automatic updates through the ” control panel > system ” option checked.

Running updated antivirus is another mandatory thing to keep the Internet security at its best. In today’s Internet communication based environment, there is no scope for buying an antivirus or running a scan when the Virus or Worm strikes. The appearance and its affect is almost unnoticed by most. For this reason, you must be armed with the defenses at all times; especially when you are hosting from home.

Another very important security implementation on your PC is running a firewall. Firewall is a strong gate for your PC, which blocks everything unless specifically allowed.

Yet another important and latest PC defense accessory today is the Antispyware. Spyware and Adware are wreaking havoc in users PCs and keeping them on check is essential to PC security. Microsoft is providing a beta version, through their website and as of now, it is a good option. Other option is the Lavasoft’s famous Adaware.

At any cost, keep the PC secure by taking all the necessary steps.

Keeping the PC physically secure and avoiding accidental rebooting is another thing to remember. Hence, make sure no one has access to the on /off switch or reset button without the right authorization.

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