Signing up for the DDNS service

The only thing you mainly need to get new, for setting up your hosting for home is DDNS service. You must first decide your provider for DDNS service. The options available for you are discussed in this tutorial.

Once you decide the provider, you can start signing up for the service.

DNS2go service for example provides the following options with regards to signing up for a DDNS domain.

  • DNS2Go Domain Name (e.g.
  • I would like to purchase a Top Level Domain
  • I am transferring my existing Top Level Domain to DNS2Go

After the sign up for the account at their servers, you have to download and run the program on your PC.

Downloading and running the program

After you have signed up for the service, run the program on your PC which will connect you at all times with the providers name services so that Internet users can find the path to you. This is necessitated by the changing IP address you would have each time you disconnect or restart your PC.

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