Tech support is vital

Of the factors that are tough to judge during the evaluation of a web hosting facility, tech support is the most important one.

If you go with a well known web host like verio,, hostway, tierranet, etc… a certain quality in the tech support can be expected.

Also, as we have mentioned, in our experience, webhost4life, and lunarpages are fine hosts as far as support is concerned. Their features and price might vary however tech support is phenomenal.

However on the next level you go (with someone who may be cheaper but not very professional), factor that would haunt you most is the tech support. If support is not prompt you have had it. Only option may be to forget the money and move to the next in your list.

How does web host provide support?

support can come through following ways.

1. e-mail web hosting support.

In this type of tech support, the client sends an e-mail to the tech support team of the web hosting facility and then waits for an answer from them. communication will continue until the issue is resolved. In the process, web hosting company will provide a token number or such a sequential number to the complaint to refer it to.

2. help desk based web hosting support.

Where you have a help desk with a login name and password and you go and register your issue with the web hosting company through this help desk. web hosting facility’s representative will respond to the issue through the same page and post a response back to the page. if you want to add a new response on the basis of the changing situation with the issue you could do it also after logging into the help desk.

3. phone based web hosting support.

Normally phone is used only when the other methods of getting support from a web host have not been eliciting a response or if the issue is too big to wait for a response through other methods. Problem with phone support is, at some web hosting facility’s it is hard to get to a human being since most calls are answered by an IVR (Interactive Voice response) system.

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