Catch all mail

Catch all mail is a kind of email hosting setup by which all mails that are coming for your domain are received by one account at your web host.

You also implement a forwarding of those mails to your mail administrator or use an e-mail software like mdaemon to pull all mails into a local network based mail server.

Get your mails locally – email hosting through catch all.

On the local mail server you can define your actual e-mail user accounts and the local email server when it pulls mails from the web host’s catch all account will move mails to the corresponding e-mail account box on the local server.

What happens at the local mail server in a catch all e-mail setup.

For example, assume that a mail is sent to This mail is received by the catch all account on the Internet at your web host. Catchall account may be called Remember there is no account called john defined at the web host still the mail arrives at the host.

Later on your local mail server checks with the web host’s catch all account and pulls in all mails that has come there. After pulling, (you would previously define all your user accounts in the local mail server) it puts a specific mail in the mail box of the respective staff in your office. Later on his local e-mail client checks with the local e-mail server and retrieves the mail.

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