Types of web hosting

Here we come to find out how the web hosting company’s are categorized? A new person can be easily bewildered by the variety out there in the web hosting market. Look at the review sites of web hosts and you can be easily confused.

Unfortunately we cant tell you whom to go for. What we are hoping to do you is to tell you something so that you can make a more educated decision.

Classification of hosts.

Following is a classification we arrived at although it is not exact, it can give you an idea of the basic types available. That’s because classification is possible on the basis of many different parameters.

Linux or Unix based hosting, shared or dedicated hosting, cheap web hosting, budget web hosting, these are only few among the many. Generally a person new to the web hosting will take some time to understand the intricacies of the web hosting.

What such a person could do easily is, pick a fairly good offer in the beginning and then over time, the facility could be upgraded with the same host or it is even possible to change hosts smoothly if it is carefully managed.

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