Reseller Web Hosting, does it matter?

Resellers of web hosting companies are web hosting businesses which resell a larger hosting company’s services. There are both good and bad sides to taking up their services. You are more likely to get a real person to deal with your hosting needs instead of interacting with the hosting company when you go for resellers.
You could request for services from the reselling company instead of the real web hosting company. Resellers would not like to tell you who they are buying their web hosting services from. However there are tools that can provide you with this information with out much fuss.
Downside of going with resellers.

On the down side, if a reseller fails to make their payments to the true host, regardless of whether or not you have made your payment to the reseller, you risk your site being shut down by the true host. Due to the fact that resellers do not have to invest the same amount as a true web host would into their business, a reseller can go out of business much faster and easier than a true web host can.

Because of the way many web hosts allow their resellers to ‘set up shop’ it can be simple for a reseller to use a false name, have no business license, collect funds from those that purchase their services, and then simply disappear, leaving you out in the cold.

Advantages of reseller web hosting.

Resellers may be even able to design your site for you. Some of the Internets largest hosting providers are said to be resellers. However the fact that a particular web host is a reseller is mostly hidden from their customers.

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