What to look for in a host?

You want them to provide their service with utmost reliability and speed. To give you this, what the web hosting company would require to own is a highly reliable setup, yet redundancy, backup systems and great support professionals who at the same is courteous and knowledgeable.

Look for support more than anything.

You may be able to evaluate other factors, however technical support is the one you will experience and give verdict later.

Today there are thousands of organizations providing web hosting services. Normally you sign up for the web hosting services by going to their web site, choosing a scheme and paying through credit card. It is always a problem to decide on one particular hosting facility for your hosting since often everything else looks good but you can not evaluate their tech support services through the Internet. That’s found out only through experience.

Great, bad & ugly situation..

In our experience we have seen some remarkable reliability and support over the years from web hosting companies and some that are awful. It’s a great, bad, and ugly situation with regards to tech support. We did not see much of reliability or performance issues with any of the hosts (we have experience with at least 6 hosts directly.)

Our three hosts..

We will talk about the great and we believe it’s unethical to talk about the bad and ugly. We have direct experience with three web hosting companies that we would call great! First is tierranet, second is webhost4life and the third one is lunarpages. We can vouch on these three hosts for both their reliability and tech support we leave it to you to evaluate features and verify prices.

Don’t go signup because we told you; but if you ask us, we will sign up with any of these three companies blind folded at any time. Such is their commitment and reliability. At this point of time we are using two amongst them.

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