When your site goes down

When your web site becomes inaccessible, that’s a time of crisis! First make sure your own connection the internet is fine and also as soon as possible send in an urgent support request to the web host. You must remember to add an accessible e-mail address so that they can get back to you.

If it is deemed necessary, make a telephone call to the host so that they start working on the problem immediately.

If you are doing FrontPage hosting, be careful when you play with your FrontPage extensions as this can sometimes destroy shared borders and affect some other dynamic pages functioning.

If you have many sections in your site, at least focus on the home page and making the main sections to work quickly.

Trace route – trace the path to the web host.

Trace route command traces the route to your web site and from the report you may be able to locate the source of your problem. On windows XP the command can be given as “tracert domainname” at the command prompt.

Visualroute – Visually see how your site is being reached.

VisualRoute is downloadable software (for a price) that gives you a visual mapping of your sites access route. They help determine if a connectivity problem is due to your ISP, the Internet, or the host you are trying to reach, and pinpoints the network where a problem occurs.

  • Identify the source of Internet delays
  • See the physical location of Internet servers and routers
  • Get instant lookups of Whois and network provider information

Atwatch, Internet steer – Monitor your site all the time.

These are services that monitor your site round the clock and alert you at the slightest problem. In some cases, when you rely on your web site for your livelihood, downtime is unacceptable. It is important that you know about a failure a soon as it happens and only then you can begin to act on it.

That’s where the AtWatch (Advanced Web Site Monitoring Technology) comes in. Simulating how users actually experience your Web Site, @Watch systematically monitors availability, content and performance from the outside, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Atwatch will alert you of your sites failure instantly.

Whenever there’s a problem, @Watch will detect it and report back to you immediately via email, cell, pager, or fax with specific information on where to look to get your site connecting and running properly as soon as possible.

The popular Internetseer – Web hosting monitoring service.

Seer means prophet and Internetseer is great in the sense that it is a very popular web site monitoring service providing reliable and affordable monitoring services to more than 1.4 million businesses. Their free service can send you a periodic e-mail informing you about the downtime of the site during the past week or a certain period with other parameters.

InternetSeer remotely monitors your Web site to insure that your Web site is available 24/7. If InternetSeer is unable to reach your site, they will send you an immediate email alert that your site is unreachable.

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