There were reports of Internet hooligans taking control of a system through known threats, then encrypting the whole data on the system and later asking for a ransom to be able to receive the decryption code.
This is a peculiar situation where your data is not yet damaged by an attacker, yet you are unable to access any of your data because the files and folders are encrypted.

This is not a prevalent threat nor is it expected to pose a serious threat. However as we are trying to bring you up-to-date with the Internet threats and its solutions, this information has been brought to you.

For most of you, PC and its data may not be your lifeblood or anything very vital. However for those of you PC data is very vital, you cant refrain from being worried and taking preventive action.

Ransomware – How it happens?

  • A a specially created file/program attached to an e-mail message is sent to the victim.
    If the victim opens / executes the attached file, the program encrypts a number of files on the victim’s computer
    (Encryption is the process of scrambling data so that it can’t be red again unless decrypted).
  • A ransom note is then left behind for the victim to contemplate & respond. 200 $ was requested as per news paper reports.
  • The victim will be unable to open the encrypted files without the correct decryption keys
  • Once the ransom demanded is paid, the hacker will (supposedly) send the decryption keys, enabling decryption of the “kidnapped” files.

What you can do?

Solution to Ransomware – Take steps described in response.