The Basics

The Basics Some people have a fear for the PC. They will use office applications, Internet, e-mail and more. Yet they always have a bit of alarm about the PC the moment it shows an error or the moment it refuses to obey orders.
This comes merely from the fact that these people do not know the fundamentals. There is no need to know the fundamentals to use a PC but there is no harm in knowing. It is only going to be all the more fulfilling to use a PC when you know the basics.

One says “I have MS office”, when he just has windows installed on his PC; I have the PC but no MS office, they sound like MS office is default (automatically available) on a computer. Basic knowledge of what OS (operating system) is, how it differs from the software; this is what most people lack knowing.

Fundamental knowledge like hardware is what you see (physically), Operating System is the software that enables the hardware to operate, is missing for many. For them, the PC is a PC is a PC. They just don’t know the details.

knowledge comes from learning and it comes only from learning. Learning happens with an interest to learn; when you lack the drive you never achieve. Knowledge of the PCs working is both fulfilling and gains respect in today’s technology infused day to day life.

What lacks is an interest to learn, a readiness to ask the person next to you and if no answer is forthcoming , ask your neighbour, friend, relative, or someone else..

In our effort to bring the pieces together for you, we wish to layout some fundamentals through this section.

While laying out the section we will chose windows as the Operating system of choice. although there is Linux making good show, the popular operating system remains windows.

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