What does Internet comprise of? – Important components of the Internet

You never come to realize it; beyond your home PC there are a great number of servers and network equipment that you use to be on the Internet. Let us discuss briefly what comprises global Internet.

Internet comprises of mainly,

  • High capacity routers.
  • Web Servers, (Where your websites reside)
  • DNS (Domain Name Server) Servers.
  • High bandwidth cabling and other network equipment.

For those who have lost us, let us explain using another method. What we are talking about here is, for example when you access time.com, sitting in your PC; there are a lot of things that work in the background to bring you that page. We are trying to tell you about all of those components (at least the main components). As we said in the previous section, Internet comprises of many components. Now all of these components work in unison to be able to bring you the experience of the Internet and its possibilities.

Let us go on to describe in some detail what each one of them is;

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