Examples with price of Dynamic DNS Services

The following is a brief list of Dynamic Domain Name Services. We are not trying to endorse the quality of their services. Please treat this only as a start of your research before landing on a desirable choice.


They offer reliable yet affordable dynamic DNS hosting as well as domain name hosting. Their prices are Fees: $5 one-time fee for dynamic DNS users, $20/year for domain name hosting. Web : www.dtdns.com


DNS2go is a popular dynamic DNS service offered by Deerfield.com. They offer a basic account and professional account offered at 19.95 and 59.95 $ respectively. They also offer multiple domains at varying prices. Web: www.dns2go.com

DynIP Dynamic DNS Service

Domain Manager, Multiple Domain Support, E-mail Safeguard, Corporate Pack License, Web Port Redirection, Mail Redirection, Offline Redirection, Runs as a Service, Keep Alive are some of the features of their service. Their website is quite professional and lot of tutorial is easily accessible. Their basic version cost 24.95 $ and professional version cost 59.95 $. Web: www.dynip.com


DynDNS is another company offering dynamic DNS services. They offer managed DNS Hosting, Dynamic DNS, Static DNS etc.. Web : www.Dyndns.com

TZO (Tzolkin Corp)

TZO’s Internet Naming Utility provides Dynamic IP services for use with many Internet utilities (including Telnettable BBSes) for both dial-up and Cable Modem access. Fees: Basic service $25/year, premier services $60/year. www.tzo.com

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