Exploring applications in detail

1. Web Server

A web server is what serves web pages to the Internet visitors to websites. As we previously mentioned, windows XP professional has an in built web server and you can activate this by going into add / remove programs of windows control panel.

After it is activated and running, you have to install your particular web site on this server.

What does it mean running on the web server?

A bunch of HTML files and the linking between those from hyperlinks in those files make up a simple site. Such a site can reside on a CD drive or on a hard disk folder too. You can still open those files in a browser (Internet explorer for example) and see that they are working fine.

However running on the web server means something slightly different. There are software’s called IIS or Apache specifically designed t be web server to serve up web pages. These software’s can not only provide web pages as per user request but also connect to a database in another server, receive entries from a web form, sent it you by e-mail etc. Most fundamentally, web servers are what get you a web page on the Internet.

Common Web Servers:

  • IIS is available on windows XP, 2000 professional.
  • Mywebserver
  • Smabar Server
  • Apache for Linux and Unix flavors.
  • Windows 98 also has personal web server software.

2. FTP Server.

FTP is file transfer protocol and FTP services will enable you to share selected files on your PC with the rest of the Internet. Such a server is ideal where your requirement is to share files with peers or end users. Depending upon the server you chose, various options and configurations can be easily activated on any FTP server.

The following are some of the FTP software available on the net.

Visit Cerberus FTP Server, ArGoSoft FTP Server

3. Game Server.

A game server where a number of players can take on at the same time can be easily setup on your home PC using the technology provided with DDNS.

4. Chat server.

There are so many chat servers available for installation on your PC / web server so that you can provide chat services to your visitors. However, this can cost some money and often require some customization to be done.

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