Is it practical to do web hosting from home?

Of-course it is practical! Do not have any doubts about that, but you can be far less reliable and performance can be far too reduced compared to a professional web host.

A web hosting company has a dedicated facility with highly reliable servers, network hardware, electrical power, etc… Web hosting companies also have highly knowledgeable tech support staff. They know how to defend your site against network security breaches, prevent intrusion etc.

It is out of question to duplicate such a highly advanced setup or anything similar at your home. That’s the down side. We have only intended to bring your attention to such an interesting possibility through this section and of-course wants to assure you of its possibility.

If you can make out or overcome some of the limitations you face as you try to host your site at home, you can be your host although with reduced capacity and reliability.

You can make out the deficiencies you face, from the list of what web hosts maintain and how they differ from you hosting at home in the following pages. However it is a beauty to host your site yourself. So it is a good idea to host and find out the ups and downs yourself rather than delving too much into the complexities.

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