What does a web host offer?

What does a web hosting company offer, which is either difficult or impossible for a home hosting to provide;

  • A web host fundamentally has a high-speed internet connection. They normally have many additional Internet links both for capacity and redundancy.
  • They have highly reliable servers to host your site. Servers have high capacity, redundancy, fault tolerance features etc…
  • They maintain these servers at their top performance and monitor them to respond to any fault at once.
  • Rectification of technical problems about to occur to a hardware or software will happen even before the fault actually shows its initial signs. Pre-failure actions and maintenance routines achieve such results.
  • They have highly qualified and experienced support staff so that any issue would be resolved quickly and effectively.
  • They maintain defense systems and security software against virus, worms, hackers, and other security issues and keep these defenses up-to-date and constantly tuned.
  • They maintain excellent electrical systems so that electrical power flows no matter whether the electricity provider provides it or not. This includes, UPS (uninterrupted Power Systems), generators etc.
  • They also boast of excellent physical security so that someone cannot vandalize their systems easily.
  • They support a large number of customers and hence the cost for an individual site hosting will generally stay cheap.

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