Operating System based classifications

Windows / Linux / FreeBSD / UNIX Hosting.

Here it’s the operating system that comes into classify web hosts. Some web hosts provide variety of options for the operating system and some are fixed on one.

Windows web hosting is expensive compared to others:

Operating systems other than windows is cheaper for hosting. However you loose features like asp programming when you choose other OS’s.

The reason for such a higher cost may the additional complexities and security issues that plague windows based operating systems.

However with the introduction of windows 2000 and 2003, windows based hosting reliability has also improved. Microsoft is offering a lot of material and tools to help those who want to take the windows path. In a way one company offering all that is needed for web hosting may be one of their plus point.

However as we mentioned earlier, cost of web hosting on windows OS remains comparatively high.

Linux, Unix line of web hosting platforms..

For simple static website and those who go the PHP way for programming can go with Linux or UNIX based hosting. What we have experienced is that a slightly higher level of reliability always comes from non-windows based hosting. They are in fact outstanding when compared to windows in reliability and performance.

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