Best Applications

Dear non- experts,

This is for you! Those of you who does not know much about the PCs many applications, we know you would like being told more about it.

Dear experts,

You already know all these and more. Hence we would like you to explore our many other sections or else the vastness of the rest of the net.

We don’t have to tell you how to use a PC.

You already know that. What we are trying to tell you is what you may not know as the best applications of your PC.

Today PC can be almost everything, with the proliferation of PCs which are connected to the Internet, there is no limit to what is possible with the processing power of the desktop PC combined with the power of Internet connectivity.

On the one hand we are introducing you to some utilities and useful programs and on the other hand what we have brought to you are certain new ways in which your PC can be used.

Those who don’t know and want to know more; hope we have something to enlighten you. Hope you will find the information exciting.

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Alexa Service – As you browse sites, understand the popularity. Toolbar that informs!
Copernic – Search in many search engines from within one program.
Desktop Search – The new type of search.
Desktop enhancements – World of the Webshots.
GotomyPC – Access your PC from anywhere.
Kazaa and Winmx – Peer to Peerr networks power; Programs, pictures, music, video download it all.
Messengers – You know that already. Yet a roundup.
Movie maker of XP – Make your movies. Right from windows.
Open office – The free MS Office competitor.
PC as your home theatre – We told you PC might bring your coffee in future.
PC as your phone – This is the new era of VOIP or Voice Over IP. Know about it

As you browse sites, understand the popularity. Toolbar that informs