Any PC user from his/her first use of a PC must be conscious about the threats to the system. PC users would be familiar with terms like virus, hacking etc. However most won’t have a comprehensive idea about a range of threats such as worms, and the emerging threats such as phishing.

In fact following on the latest threats and knowing the best response can be very difficult even for a professional due to the dynamic nature of these threats. However it can not be stressed enough that you must keep your eye and ears open to understand the latest kind of threats.

One reason why threats have become much more aggressive and fast spreading is owing to the expanding use of the Internet. Casual users often would not care if data is lost. However human beings are becoming more and more computer dependent.

We have made out a comprehensive listing of currently known Threats. They are listed here. Responses are linked from within the threat page.

In the response page, we have also highlighted the need for systematic education as one step. we would like emphasis the importance knowing of what you are dealing with so that you can better deal with the problem. It can be very difficult to make it 100% secure as there are numerous issues related but at least there are certain common steps to take which at least must be taken to ensure relative security.

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